Attention, please: Zucker. bets on Visual Relations

We have something new in our repertoire: Visual Relations. By this, we mean XXL advertising spaces on houses, walls etc. which, unlike ads in online or print media as well as on TV or the radio, are literally impossible to miss.

More attention thanks to Visual Relations

This has been confirmed by a current trend analysis of the Fachverband Außenwerbung e.V., which found out that the advertising effectiveness of posters experienced a significant increase compared to the initial survey period in 2013. According to this analysis, size and design are decisive for the attention paid to poster advertising; they attract the most attention and are largely responsible for the information and purchasing behavior of consumers after the poster contact. Currently, 62 percent of poster viewers have already reacted to classic poster advertising at least once by investigating the advertised product or by purchasing it (compared to 49 percent in 2013). The reason for the significantly higher perception and effect of posters is the trend of mobility and the high spread of smartphones and tablets, which immediately leads to follow-up actions on the digital devices.

What Zucker. means by Visual Relations

By visual relations, however, we do not understand classic poster campaigns, but creative XXL posters or painted/sprayed murals with a wow effect. For example, motifs that change due to sunlight and look different in daylight than at night, or so-called hydrographic motifs that appear black in dry weather and only become visible in the rain. We also develop interactive cross-channel campaigns, in which the motif is only created with the participation of the target group or in combination with events, promotions or pop-up stores on the surface, enabling holistic communication.

One thing we can promise in any case: every picture will be really big! Like the picture of this blog post (see above): for LEGO® GmbH, we have mended a broken heart with more than 60,000 LEGO® bricks together with thousands of fans at a height of 12 meters as part of the “Rebuild the World” campaign.

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Blumenbüro Holland x Zucker. – 10 years of flowerful cooperation

Credits of the bodypainting picture (on the top on the left): Tom Wagner

Time for a little party: We are celebrating 10 florishing years of flower- and plant-campaigns in collaboration with our client the Blumenbüro Holland! 10 thousands of botanical clippings, 10 millions of reached flower-friends and so many blooming memories… The past 10 years have been incredibly enriching. That is why we want to share some of the best impressions of the past with you in this blogpost. While remembering all these good old times, we can already feel the burst of our creativity-bud! So: We are looking forward to a flowerful future and a lot of fun working together with the Blumenbüro Holland!

These pictures speek for themselves – no words needed. With green spotlight on, we sproutly present our “Best-Of-Blumenbüro Holland-coop”: