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Attention, please: Zucker. bets on Visual Relations

We have something new in our repertoire: Visual Relations. By this, we mean XXL advertising spaces on houses, walls etc. which, unlike ads in online or print media as well as on TV or the radio, are literally impossible to miss. More attention thanks to Visual Relations This has been confirmed by a current trend […]

Blumenbüro Holland x Zucker. – 10 years of flowerful cooperation

Time for a little party: We are celebrating 10 florishing years of flower- and plant-campaigns in collaboration with our client the Blumenbüro Holland! 10 thousands of botanical clippings, 10 millions of reached flower-friends and so many blooming memories… The past 10 years have been incredibly enriching. That is why we want to share some of […]

Augmented reality in PR – todays storytelling & media contact

The term Augmented Reality (in the following abbreviated as AR) describes a computer-assisted extension of reality by certain elements or information. It’s not about creating a new virtual world that can only be experienced with certain glasses, for example, but rather complements reality in a clever way. A well-known example of this was the Pokémon […]

Produktiv im Homeoffice: So funktioniert’s bei Zucker.

Nach rund sieben Wochen Homeoffice haben wir uns als Agentur mittlerweile gut an die Arbeit von zu Hause gewöhnt. Das Wichtigste dabei war und ist, das Berufliche trotz Arbeitsplatz in den eigenen vier Wänden vom Privaten zu trennen und unsere Produktivität und Motivation aus dem Büro auch hier beizubehalten. Wir haben unsere Top Ten Tipps […]