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Tech on the job – Mice

Credit: Pixabay / Free-Photos When talking about PR, people always think about strategy, concepts, redactional flow and other very brainiac qualities. But in the end, it’s a lot more physical than it is given credit for, at least for the hands: try writing a 50-page crisis management Q&A in limited time, or reviewing it by […]

50 Shades of Podcast PR

Credit: Unsplash / mohammedmetri Hobby meets business! Podcasts are super popular as an entertainment medium, but also for PR and marketing. A rapidly growing podcast fan base, high credibility through sympathy building and the entertaining character as well as a wide range of creative use possibilities make the podcast a promising medium to successfully place […]

Marketing vs. PR: Same same but different?

Picture credits: Unsplash / Mika Baumeister We already explained the tasks, types, and aims of PR in our latest blog post. What might still confuse you now, however, are basic terminologies: The words marketing and PR are often used in the same sentence, sometimes even as synonyms from one another. But is that even correct […]

PR: Who dat?

Picture Credit: Unsplash / Jon Tyson Have you ever been wondering what we at ZUCKER. are doing all day long? Are you interested in the PR (Public Relations) or marketing branch, but not yet a 100% sure whether the tasks of public relations suit you? You want to know what PR is all about? Or […]

Let’s talk about: Media podcasts for lifestyle inspiration

Picture Credits: Unsplash / CoWomen Podcasts are booming – according to a study by Goldmedia, more than 10 million Germans over the age of 14 actively listened to podcasts in 2020, and more than 4 million even listened to at least one show every day. Especially podcasts by well-known German media companies are becoming increasingly […]

New Year – Still me: Our anti-resolutions for the new year

At Zucker. we accept our imperfections and vices with a list of well-intentioned anti-resolutions – for more goals achieved and positive vibes to end this year. Eat more chocolate Because let’s face it: we can’t do without chocolate! Why should we give up something that makes us so happy? Why suffer when there’s another way? […]

Which home office type are you?

As we’re rushing toward the end of the year right now, we briefly want to sum up: 2020 was a crazy period in (Zucker.) history. From one day to the other we had to leave the office in March and work from home until further notice. It’s strange at first when the team doesn’t buzz […]

Tech on the job – Keyboards

Credits: Pixabay / bogitw A blogpost by our dear colleague Pierre When you spend most of your days typing on a computer keyboard, you need to find the right peripheral for you and your hands, as the health of your fingers and wrists might depend on it. Even your productivity might be impacted by it. […]

Attention, please: Zucker. bets on Visual Relations

We have something new in our repertoire: Visual Relations. By this, we mean XXL advertising spaces on houses, walls etc. which, unlike ads in online or print media as well as on TV or the radio, are literally impossible to miss. More attention thanks to Visual Relations This has been confirmed by a current trend […]